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Biobizz All Mix

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Greenhouse Heater

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Hydroponic Equipment Supplier

We are your one-stop growing shop for the latest and most advanced hydroponic equipment supplier. You can find Lighting, Grow Tents, Ventilation, Hydroponic Nutrients, Harvesting, Essentials, Pots, and Tanks & Trays with us.

Who are we?

We are hydroponic experts who deal in hydroponics equipment and related products. Although our physical store is in Telford, we deliver throughout the UK. You can explore our online store for the choice of hydroponic equipment you need.
So, we have everything you need ventilation systems, Grow Tents, Hydroponic Nutrients, Harvesting Equipment, Pots, Tanks and more.
Lastly, you can shop comfortably at our store because our products are tested and proven for quality and application.

Gardening Equipment Experts

Our gardening experts advise you from buying the ideal products to help, advice setting up your hydroponic equipment. When you hear ‘experts’, you must know we are talking from experience and results.


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